Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Still & Stoned

Fate, time, life everything is all still from long! Its the same road that I come through from last 5 years, same desk and same work. Same worries and no ray o f hope.

Its not that i didn't try. I do, I did-- tried and tried to change everything from inside out but some spell which is just around and not letting me go out. No matter how terribly I shout and scream its not letting me go out. I want and need this spell to be broken, please break me once and never come back. Nothing is working, its life less face and injured feelings. I am ill when i am actually not. Physically perfect but I am energy less and lethargic. Is it stress and depression---? Monotony or what?  Why I am numbed.

How do I change myself and get rid of depression! I know when things will move on and fall in place I'll be happy but I am pretty sure nothing going to change to colorful and lively. I turned so pessimist. Wishes I cherished turned into ashes one by one. The smile which was best part turned so dull and dried.


I am confused! I don't know where to end it and where is the new start! GOD- please drift it a bit please! I am begging you on my knees- break the scary circle and let me breathe in the air that is fresh and pure, let the fresh air go inside me deep deep down to push me up and turn me on!

Fatigue-- Mistaken & Failed!