Saturday, 21 January 2012


though, its bad
sometime, its worst
and at times its torturing to death


Apart from everything ill and evil happens between us
You're the only who is for me
I should OWN you, be proud of you!

Must must say you're the perfect one
No matter life is not well, but being with you is all well
I'll treasure you forever. 

I am sorry I tore you apart, I felt you down
I being so worst and unfair
You know I am Me, the one very incomplete

You are no one but the ultimate friend and a true love. 
Life lived with you is life ever lived

Thanks a million...  :-)


  1. This was so sweet :) You expressed it well :)

  2. on the post bday usually turns out bad cos i expect sooo much..n esp if that special someone fails on me...aaah

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  3. Apart... :)
    Great Write up indeed.
    love x

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  5. Nice blog...
    And well written.
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    Regards from India,