Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back to square one

and it happened in most tragic way. He has taken back all away, He showed his power and strength. Drenched me bad and showed me prayers have no worth. I will keep on asking whole life why he gave in first place when it was never meant for me. What was the purpose of hurting so many people so many hearts in so many ways. Okay! fine i was all faulty, mistaken and sinner, i did the sins and you made me punished to death. i well deserved the shit slap, and nothing worst can ever happen to anyone, when the thing you cherish is taken back after giving you completely. Fine i was sinner, i know my sins, i know where i was wrong..... but its cruelty to the one who was purely ruined without any mistake. Is it other way round and he was saved from the sinner and whom he doesn't deserve. Ahhh!!! if this is the case its truly justified. Means, I am the culprit, i am responsible and one who is crying bitterly.... what should i say him to calm him down... !! he is loosing the faith in you, he was the one your true lover.